A Savoir Collab Event

In our first Savoir Collab workshop, we challenged the “stressed out” narrative with a little help from our experts and the tangible solutions available for managing stress and feeling good. We’re stressed, we get it. Now what?



Do the Good Stuff is an online health & wellness publication where they feature experts that lend information beyond taking your vitamins. Do the Good Stuff wanted to connect their experts with women who are dedicated to finding a path towards wellness but were torn between a digital or IRL focus.



Do The Good Stuff hired Savoir Agency to curate a three part event series called The Feel Good Series. Savoir Agency produced the LA based event through a mixture of creative marketing campaigns, endorsements, influencer invites and event sponsorships.

Event 1: The No Bullsh*t Guide To Finding Your Chill
Event 2: The Sex talk You Never Had


Over 200 Attendees

Through shared resources, in-person brand activation, and custom content, Do The Good Stuff and Savoir Collab liaised with like minded freelancers and brands to showcase and bring our audiences closer to the relevant health conscious solutions they’re looking for.


COLLABORATION PARTNERS/ who made this happen


What is Savoir Collab?

A collection of community workshops offering IRL toolkits for owning how you feel and redefining what it means to take care.


The No Bullsh*t Guide To Finding Your Chill


The Sex talk You Never Had