Floyd Home Pop Up

XXXXXXX We welcomed 50 new and expecting moms to the La Peer Hotel in West Hollywood to a morning of honesty, tears, laughter and empowering information with expert speakers; Sophie Jaffe, Dr. Deepika Chopra and Elizabeth Bachner.

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The creators of Don’t Call me Mommy wanted to create conversation around a topic that isn’t talked about, Postpartum.



We created an offline event to bring awareness to Postpartum by inviting Mom Influencers, Birthing experts and approached postpartum brands to create conversation IRL. Each mama left with their very own Jujube diaper bags filled to the brim with must haves for all the mom.


Over 7,000 Unique Impressions

65 female attendees - 30% expecting mothers, 20% new moms and 30% mom influencers, 20% Media